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Science-based wellbeing

Help your team build the skills they need to manage stress and become more resilient with Koa Foundations, an evidence-based mental wellbeing app from the team of mental health experts at Koa Health.

"It's helped me become more aware of the triggers that make me feel stressed."

"It's made me want to become more positive and grateful."

"I love the meditations, they have helped me so much."

“The sleep stuff is amazing! Nothing's ever worked so fast or been explained so well to me.”

"I'm impressed with the amount of scientifically based support on this app."

"I’m grateful to have Foundations when I need to approach a problem or worry in a healthy way."

"It’s really easy to use and not too time expensive and really has lifted my mood."

"I've extensively used it and felt the benefits, for worrying less, relaxing and switching off."

"It's a toolbox that's not going to overwhelm you with things to do, it's 5-10 min at a time"

"My clinical mind likes that it's evidence-based and more interactive than just meditation."

"The combination of voice, visuals, and pace is easy to follow."

"When I'm stressed, the mindful messages help me think differently."

"Foundations enabled me to externalize my worries and see them in front of me."

See how it works

Foundations is a wellness device and has not been reviewed or cleared by the FDA.

Ramp up resilience
Help your team handle everyday stress more effectively with evidence-based exercises.
Keep calm
Give your team access to activities curated by experts to help them relax, even when life is hectic.
Dig deeper
Motivate employees to keep track of what’s stressing them and why with practical wellbeing tools.

How Foundations works

Created to support mental wellbeing, Foundations includes a library of content grounded in science (and designed by experts) to help you deal with topics such as: stress, poor sleep, worry and anxious thoughts, low self-esteem and more.

Thoughtful communication

Challenge your thoughts

Take steps to more positive thinking

Master relaxation

Mind your body

Gain control of your sleep

Be mindful

Ranked by ORCHA as a leading app for Stress & Anxiety

Overall score
For clinical assurance

Privacy matters

Employees’ personal data is carefully protected by our team with ISO 27001 certified systems and stored in an encrypted database. We're also GDPR-compliant.

Finally, when we share reports with our clients, we put all the info collected through an aggregation and anonymization process to make sure everyone’s privacy stays protected, just the way we like it.