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How Stress Affects Engagement and Turnover (test)

The results are in: Stress is just as bad for companies as it is for employees.

Linked to reduced engagement and productivity, as well as significant upticks in absenteeism and turnover, stress costs employers billions yearly.

This whitepaper delves deep into current industry research about stress in the workplace, the cost of poor mental wellbeing to companies, and most importantly, evidence-based techniques you can use to help your team handle stress and build resilience with science.

Whitepaper highlights:

  • 40% of turnover is due to stress.
  • About 50% of workers admit they need help managing stress.
  • Every $1 invested in mental health returns $4.

Stressed? We’d like to help.

Learn techniques inspired by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, positive psychology, meditation and mindfulness to handle stress and build resilience at work and at home with easy-to-use programs and activities from Foundations, accessible (rain or shine) via your smartphone.

Can our diverse team of developers, researchers, psychologists and behavioral health experts help you (and your team) put mental wellbeing first?