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How to reduce virtual presenteeism

The results are in: Presenteeism happens when people work from home, too.

Presenteeism decreases engagement, motivation and productivity. And recent research reveals that it's become a significant issue for employees working from home during COVID-19 restrictions.

This report explores current industry research about presenteeism while working remotely, its link to poor mental wellbeing and what it's costing organizations like yours. Most importantly, it explains science-backed ways you can help your team deal with presenteeism and work towards a more balanced mental wellbeing.

Report highlights:

Presenteeism costs companies more than $226 billion yearly.

About 1/3 of workers continue to work despite feeling unwell.

Happy, enthusiastic workers are 21% more profitable.

Stressed? We’d like to help.

Learn techniques inspired by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, positive psychology, meditation and mindfulness to handle stress and build resilience at work and at home with easy-to-use programs and activities from Foundations, a mental wellbeing app developed by Koa Health.

Can our diverse team of developers, researchers, psychologists and behavioral health experts help you (and your team) put mental wellbeing first?