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How to help remote employees handle stress

Remote work presents unique challenges for employee mental wellbeing: Here's what to do.

Around the world, offices have closed and opened and closed again as people have found themselves juggling professional and personal responsibilities while living with changing restrictions. So it's not surprising that mental wellbeing has suffered, and stress has reached new highs.

This report explores current industry research about stress while working from home and how it affects companies like yours. More importantly, it explains evidence-based ways to help your team work towards a more balanced mental wellbeing.

Highlights include:

47% of employees do some work at home.

86% of those working remotely are doing so because of Covid-19.

50% of workers accept they need help with mental wellbeing.

Stressed? We'd like to help.

Learn techniques inspired by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, positive psychology, meditation and mindfulness to handle stress and build resilience at work and at home with easy-to-use programmes and activities from Foundations, a mental wellbeing app developed by Koa Health.

Can our diverse team of developers, researchers, psychologists and behavioural health experts help you (and your team) put mental wellbeing first?