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1 in 5 employees experiences moderate to high levels of stress

At Koa Foundations, we strongly believe science holds the key to understanding how stress impacts us all and finding accessible solutions to improve wellbeing.

Content curated by skilled psychologists

Built on National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) approved techniques

Holistic approach combining different therapies

Stress measured with perceived stress scale

Our content is grounded in evidence-based techniques

Cognitive behavioral science

Learn to identify and challenge negative thoughts with clinically validated techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


Practice being more present in the moment and improve your focus and calm, even on hectic days.


Observe your thoughts without judgement to understand where they’re coming from and feel less stressed, too.

Positive psychology

Start paying more attention to what you do well and get better results than when you focus on your weak points.

The science behind Foundations

In a crowded marketplace where many mental wellbeing apps don’t have the backing of even one mental health professional, Foundations figures among a very small percentage of digital solutions (about 3%) with an evidence-based approach.

9 / 10

users reduced their perceived stress after using Foundations for two weeks.

Positive impact

on anxiety, resilience, sleep, wellbeing and life satisfaction as shown by the results of a randomized controlled trial.

Score of 88%

awarded by ORCHA, the world’s leading independent health app reviewer.

Someone sitting in front of a laptop

Poor mental wellbeing is as bad for companies as it is for employees

Linked to reduced engagement and productivity, as well as significant upticks in absenteeism, burnout, and turnover, stress and poor mental wellbeing cost employers billions yearly.

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