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Help your team handle stress during difficult times

Help your team handle stress during difficult times

Whether you’re managing staff working remotely or supporting employees on the frontlines, stress is likely to be affecting your team’s mental wellbeing.

So we’ve created a free toolkit full of practical, science-based resources intended to help you and your team. We know that every company’s situation is unique, but we hope this helps a little.

Toolkit highlights:

  • Practical ways to help your employees deal with organizational change
  • Tips to keep your staff creative and productive
  • How to create a safe space in your workplace

Stressed? We’d like to help.

Learn techniques inspired by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, positive psychology, meditation and mindfulness to handle stress and build resilience at work and at home with easy-to-use programs and activities from Foundations, a mental wellbeing app developed by Koa Health.

Can our diverse team of developers, researchers, psychologists and behavioral health experts help you (and your team) put mental wellbeing first?