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How Foundations helped O2 support employee mental wellbeing

Covid-19 presented O2 (and employers everywhere) with a unique challenge: supporting their employees from a distance.

Telecommunications giant O2 has a well-deserved reputation as a great place to work. Its company culture has a strong focus on promoting work/life balance and supporting employees’ mental wellbeing. Foundations and O2 had already begun a pilot when COVID-19 escalated, prompting a roll-out to the entire company.

Working together on effective comms, we saw a very engaged workforce promoting Foundations to their peers in the workplace.Thousands of activities were accessed, helping users sleep, relax and deal with day-to-day stress.

Highlights include:

25% of active users used the app twice weekly.

95% of programs rated helpful by users.

100% say Foundations has helped them

Stressed? We'd like to help.

Learn techniques inspired by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, positive psychology, meditation and mindfulness to handle stress and build resilience at work and at home with easy-to-use programs and activities from Foundations, a mental wellbeing app developed by Koa Health.

Can our diverse team of developers, researchers, psychologists and behavioral health experts help you (and your team) put mental wellbeing first?