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Say hi to Foundations!

In good times and bad, mental wellbeing really matters.

And issues with mental health, stress and handling the ups and downs of life are as disruptive as they are commonplace— a staggering 83% of people will experience mental health issues by middle age and 63% of workers are ready to quit their jobs due to stress.

The challenge of balancing mental wellbeing with the obligations of work and home—and everything else—is what led our parent company, Koa Health, to build Evermind, our science-based mental wellbeing app.

Designed to help you handle everyday stress and build resilience, Evermind incorporates techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, positive psychology and mindfulness into activities, guided programs and audios designed by mental health experts.

After helping dozens of organizations with a combined 250,000 employees and members better support their teams, Evermind’s changing its name to Koa Foundations.

Why this change and why now?

Not only do we feel Foundations better reflects how integral (ahem, foundational, you could say) mental wellbeing is in all aspects of life, it’s also symbolic of some exciting shifts we’re experiencing on an organizational level.

After securing substantial external investment, the team that brought you Evermind is spinning out.

And to celebrate that milestone achievement as we dive into this new chapter, we think it’s only fitting that our name to align as closely as possible with Koa Health.

So we’ve changed our name to Foundations, and our new website is foundations.koahealth.com. We’ve updated our terms and privacy policy, too.

What else is changing?

Apart from our logo (and the aforementioned name and web address changes), not a whole lot.

You’ll still have uninterrupted access and no action is required to keep enjoying the app.

Foundations will continue to offer practical tools to help you build your resilience and handle stress with science. Our easy-to-use interface, colorful design and evidence-based activities and guided programs designed by mental health experts won’t change, either. And finally, we promise, no mindfulness audios were harmed in the renaming process.

The future (and changes, for the better).

While on a practical level, very little is changing for you right now, things will change (for the better) as we continue to grow as Foundations, and as Koa Health.

We’ll be adding even more content to provide you in-the-moment relief, and working hard to improve the core elements of the app.

We built Foundations (aka, the app formerly known as Evermind) for you, and as always, we’d love to know what you think. Questions, comments? Shoot us an email at foundations@koahealth.com.