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New in: Your personal Foundations wellbeing score is here

What's new in Foundations

Foundations wellbeing check-in

We’ve included a new feature in Foundations to help you understand your mental wellbeing. Using this new questionnaire, you’ll receive an overall Foundations wellbeing score that you can track over time. You can also see the categories that make up this score: mental wellbeing, positive mood, calm mind, managing stress and sleeping well.

What’s in the wellbeing check-in?

The 16 questions included come from validated questionnaires used by scientists and mental health practitioners. They look at concepts such as mental wellbeing, positive mood, calm mind, managing stress and sleeping well. All of these elements are important to help you feel well and help you to thrive.

Why should I use the wellbeing check-in?

The first step in supporting mental wellbeing is to check-in with how you’re currently feeling. These questions will help you reflect, and keep track of how you feel. You can also use the results to better understand what areas of mental wellbeing you can work on to improve how you feel.

How often should I use the wellbeing check-in?

To keep track of your mental wellbeing, it’s helpful to do the wellbeing check-in every two weeks. You might not see a significant change if you complete it more regularly than every two weeks.

How do I find it?

You can access the questionnaire on the homepage of Foundations. You can see your results and progress in the ‘My Journey’ page.

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Wellbeing Check-in Koa Foundations

How can I use Foundations to help me improve my score?

Once you complete the questionnaire you’ll receive recommendations of activities and programs to help maintain and improve your score.

Who sees my data?

Only you can see your individual results. In some instances, scores will be anonymized and aggregated (so no individual data can be seen). Please see our privacy policy for more information.

Try the wellbeing assessment today to proactively manage your mental wellbeing.

Foundations wellbeing scale gives an estimate of your own perception in each scale and isn’t a diagnosis. Everyone is different and no survey can capture everything, so despite the score you receive, if you’re feeling unwell or struggling to cope, talk to a healthcare professional.